Jeff Terrell

Jeff Terrell


ILC Board Vice President

Iowa Department of Human Services
Contact: 515.473.8526

Jeff Terrell brings his 34 years of experience in state government at the Iowa Department of Human Services, including many leadership positions in the Department, to the Iowa Lean Consortium. For the past eight years, Jeff has led the Department’s Continuous Improvement Unit to develop internal resources and a reliable framework for continuous improvement across all business areas of the Department.

Jeff helped to introduce Lean to the Department and to nurture the growth of its use. The Department of Human Services is still early in its Lean journey. Currently, the goal is about “participation” – getting more staff involved and learning to use Lean tools as the first reflex for a variety of design and improvement needs.

Jeff also works closely with the Iowa Office of Lean Enterprise to help spread Lean throughout the executive branch of state government. Recently, Jeff has worked with the federal agencies involved with DHS to share the benefits of Lean with those federal partners and to educate them about shared opportunities.

Jeff has a MS degree in Social Work and BS degree in Social Work, both from the University of Iowa.