Randy Fry

Randy Fry


Sector: Healthcare

University of Iowa Hospital and Clinics
(319) 356-4275

Randy completed his studies at the University of Iowa earning undergraduate degrees in Finance and Management Science and an Executive MBA. He has over 30 years of managerial experience at the Departmental and Plant Manager levels and has over 20 years applying Lean and Six Sigma principles in industrial and healthcare environments.

Randy has completed training in Lean Principles from the University of Kentucky and the University of Tennessee and earned certifications as a Six Sigma Champion and Six Sigma Green Belt. His experience includes working at companies recognized as leaders in their market segments such as Pella Corporation, Brazeway, and University of Iowa Healthcare.

Randy has experience at Lean transformations through his work as a plant manager for the startup company, Brazeway in Dewitt, Iowa. Central to the operation at the Brazeway plant was the concept of the “self-directed” workforce, where employee ownership and joint decision making were fundamental to the success of the business. Leadership supported the team, established boundaries, and provided training, but the team was accountable for outcomes.

Randy started his University of Iowa Healthcare career as a management engineer in the Department of Pathology in 2004. He transitioned to the Office of Operations Excellence, where he presently holds the director position.

Randy’s favorite process improvement tool is the process map. “The step by step mapping of who does what, allows the team to see how they actively influence each other. It shows you where you are at presently and this insight allows you to make simple changes quicker. It is the road to PDSA (Plan – Do – Study – Act).”