IPE Award

Iowa Partners in Efficiency Award

The Iowa Partner's in Efficiency award is an annual award given by the ILC that acknowledges the achievements of particular benefit to the citizens of Iowa and the private sector, recognizing public sector employees and teams that significantly and measurably increase productivity and promote innovation to improve the delivery of public services and save money for Iowa taxpayers and businesses.

Making our government - city, county, state - more efficient through the implementation of Lean, impacts all of us positively. Since 2010, the Iowa Partners in Efficiency award has recognized the efforts of Iowa government entities to improve their operational efficiency. 2013 marked a move of this award sponsorship to the Iowa Lean Consortium from the Iowa Business Council.



  • To drive efficiency, productivity, cost avoidance, and waste elimination in government
  • To improve regulatory processes and performance targets
  • To elevate economic competitiveness
  • To foster better work environments and develop leaders/innovators
  • To instill a bias for action
  • To institutionalize Lean within government


  • Must be a significant process improvement with measurable results.
    • Examples of measurable improvements include: Reduce lead times, reduce cost, elimination of paper, cost avoidance, improve services at the same or lower cost, increase revenue, labor savings, etc.
  • Preference is to accomplish the improvement via a Lean Process Improvement event; however, other methods of improvement will be considered.
  • The improvement must benefit Iowa citizens or improve Iowa’s economic competitiveness.
  • Process improvements must be implemented and in use for a minimum of 90 days.
  • Key processes may include:
    • Grants, licenses, permit application submission and approval, key administrative processes, processes where Iowa citizens or businesses are ultimate stakeholders, etc.

Eligible nominees include any not-for-profit:

  • City / County / State entities
  • Regents institutions / Community colleges
  • K-12 schools
  • Non-government organization (NGO)
  • Nonprofit or benefit organization

Download the 2019 Instructions and Sample Application (PDF)
Download the 2019 Application (Word Doc)

2018 IPE Award Recipient

This year's Iowa Partners in Efficiency award was awarded to the Iowa Department of Corrections (DOC) Parole Revocation Team.

Working in conjunction with the Iowa Parole Board, county jails, and Community Based Corrections representing Iowa’s eight judicial districts, the DOC team streamlined Iowa’s parole revocation process and reduced county confinement costs.


Iowa currently has more than 4,500 individuals on parole. Every year, more than 38 percent of them have their parole revoked due to technical violations. The process starts when parolees are arrested and taken to county jails to wait until a hearing can be held. Per Iowa law, counties must provide temporary confinement (jail) for alleged parole violators, and DOC is required to reimburse the counties at a set rate through an annual appropriation to cover these costs. These expenses consistently exceeded the appropriated budget as costs continued to rise. Fiscal Year 2015 ended $619,846.35 over budget.

The DOC team revised the statewide process and placed agreed-upon timeframes into policy, thereby improving efficiency and saving money due to fewer days in county confinement. Costs have fallen substantially in the two fiscal years since the new process was implemented. These reductions have been realized in all eight Iowa judicial districts and have been sustained over time despite the number of parolees continuing to rise.

“The quality of entries for the IPE Award are always impressive, and this project is no exception as it attained efficiency, significant financial savings, and improved public safety,” said ILC Advisory Board President Jeff Dahm, Deere and Company factory adviser.

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