ILC Radio Network


Your host for the ILC Radio Network is Steve Wilson, President and Chief Strategist at Zoned Strategies, a training and consulting company dedicated to helping companies grow by partnering with them to improve their people, their processes, their products and the companies they serve. Steven is an ASQ Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt with over 20 years of implementation and application experience. His previous radio program Quality Conversations, was heard around the world and had "Lean and Continuous Improvement Luminaries" such as Norm Bodek, Mikel Harry, Steve Bell, Mark Graban, Tom Pyzdek, and many, many more as guests.

The ILC Radio Network serves as a platform for communicating the best and brightest strategies, methods, and tools for all those on the journey of lean and operational excellence. Join Steven as he interviews some of the world's most well known and influential Lean and Continuous Improvement Leaders, Practitioners, Authors Educators and Advisors.


EPISODE 1 - Interview with Teresa Hay McMahon (2017)

EPISODE 2 - Launching a Lean Transformation with Jeff Cox (posted 2017, originally aired in 2010)

EPISODE 3 - Steve Bell: Lean IT & Data Quality

EPISODE 4 - Mark Graban - Practicing Lean, Lean Healthcare & Lean's Current State (2017)

EPISODE 5 - Tom Lawless: Lean Transformations - What Lean Is and Isn't - Zoned Strategies (2017)

EPISODE 6 - Joseph Paris & Rick Hulse: State of Readiness & Operational Excellence – Taking CI to the Next Level (2017)

EPISODE 7 - Jamie Flinchbaugh: Building Your Lean Leadership Operating System (2017)