Member Shared Calendar Offer Information

Member shared Calendar for Organizations

What is it?

The Member Shared Calendar allows member organizations to offer 1-3 seats to other members during their in-house trainings or events. This member benefit is designed to facilitate members helping members by connecting those who are willing to share their in-house events and trainings with those who want to learn more about continuous improvement.

What can I expect?


As the organization offering the seats for your event or training, you will have full and final say regarding who attends the event or training. All registrations are handled by your organization, including the ability to restrict attendees.

The ILC Coordinator will follow up with you at the end of the month to request a list of those who attended your event or training.

My commitment

If you need to cancel or change the date/time of our event, kindly notify the ILC coordinator and anyone who is registered to attend.

Provide a list of those who attended your event(s)/training(s) when requested.

How do I participate?

If you are an ILC member organization please complete the Member Shared Calendar Submission Form. If you have questions please contact the ILC Coordinator.